Fintech solutions for automotive finance

Paays creates better digital finance solutions for today’s automotive dealers, lenders, OEMs and marketplaces.

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Better Digital Experience, Less Risk

  • 87%

    of consumers want a mobile-first auto finance experience

  • 99%

    of Canadian car buying is still through brick & mortar dealers

  • $1billion

    in annual auto loan fraud in Canada

  • 38%

    of loan applicants significantly inflating their income

Buyer need a better digital experience AND Lenders need better protection.

Our solutions deliver both.

Our technology solutions make auto financing simpler and safer for dealers and lenders.

We create better outcomes across the auto financing process with less fraud and more conversions.

ID Verifier


  • Instantly prove that a Driver’s License is authentic and that the face of the Customer matches the face on the document.
  • Easy for the Customer to use in 2 minutes or less, from wherever they are
  • Uses Ai, Biometric and OCR technologies to spot and stop fake IDs
  • Results displayed immediately in the Paays Dealer Dashboard, or delivered directly to a Lender via API


  • Eliminate ID fraud in auto lending
  • A higher trust process for Customers, Dealers and Lenders
  • Supports digital and in-person customer journeys
  • Provides secure infrastructure for Dealers to manage sensitive Customer information
  • Satisfies FinTrac requirements for digital KYC
ID Verifier
Income Verifier


  • Customer can easily prove their income and employment using their smartphone in less than 2 minutes
  • Built with ”Open Banking” data aggregation technology; used by ~5million Cdns in banking and wealth management today.
  • Prove multiple sources of income, including regular and 2ndry employment, gov’t, WSIB, etc.
  • Results displayed immediately in the Paays Dealer Dashboard, or delivered directly to a Lender via API


  • Saves 2-3 days of paper searching and gathering for Customers and Dealers
  • Eliminates any uncertainty regarding income and employment
  • Income Verified Deals sent to Lenders are more likely to be approved
  • Higher-intent, verified Customers leading to higher conversions!
Income Verifier


  • Real-time, real lender pre-qualification solution for Customers they can use anywhere
  • Easily installed on a Dealer/OEM website
  • Integrated with anti-fraud and credit bureau solutions
  • Soft credit pull creates no impact to Customer credit score


  • Customers determine affordability/approval potential, before they start shopping for a vehicle
  • Higher conversions with higher-intent Customers!
  • Weed out bots and bad actors, and identify high-intent, real credit-worthy customers
  • Supports digital and in-person customer journeys

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We’re trusted by some of the best in the business

Some of the smartest Dealers and Lenders in the business trust Paays to create better digital Customer experiences, with less fraud.

  • "At RouteOne, we recognize the increasing cost of auto loan fraud to our dealer and finance source customers. Auto finance is moving increasingly towards digitization, and with this comes a heightened risk of fraud. We’re pleased to integrate with Paays, who share our vision of creating better digital processes and outcomes for our customers while reducing fraud risks. The Paays ID Verifier solution helps target auto loan fraud and solves problems from both the dealer and finance source perspectives.

    Anthony Goulbourne
    President, RouteOne Canada
  • "We really like the Paays ID Verifier solution as it fits with our push towards a faster digital process, while also helping us prevent fraud that accompanies more digital applications, and more out of province buyers.

    Greg Hardy
    COO, UpAuto