About Paays

Paays is a Canadian FinTech startup creating digital finance solutions for today’s automotive dealers, lenders, OEMs, and marketplaces. We are passionate about making the digital car buying process easier and safer — for all the parties involved.

About Us

Our solutions start with the observation that while 87% of consumers want a mobile-first auto purchasing experience, close to 60% are dissatisfied with the time it takes, and even more want better information about pricing upfront. At the same time, there’s over $1 billion in annual auto loan fraud in Canada, with many loan applicants significantly inflating their income. Buyers need better service, and lenders need to be protected. Our solutions can help.

With our tools, dealers and lenders can easily verify the income and identity of buyers, saving everyone time and effort. They can also pre-qualify buyers for lending approval, allowing dealers to track their leads in one central location. Our tools are proven to weed out bots and bad actors, increase conversions, and save everyone time, uncertainty, and effort.

Most auto industry players know that digital is the future but struggle to build the tools they need. Paays wants to bridge the gap and power their road to digitization.

Our Team

  • David Fry

    David Fry

    Founder & CEO

    He was also the co-founder and CEO of Aspire Financial Technologies (2015), and the Co-founder, CEO and CRO of Lawrence Park Capital Partners (2011). Former MD, Vice-chair and Head of Global Markets for Deutsche Bank Canada, with 21 years experience in credit and capital markets, in Managing Director and Vice-chair leadership roles at global banks in London, NY and Toronto.

  • Titash Neogi

    Titash Neogi


    Strong technologist with 10+ years of experience in consumer web product development. Expert in NLP, deep text mining, knowledge graphs, and deep search technologies. Co-founder and CTO of Adaptiv.me and Themefy.com, also worked as a Senior Engineer for Symantec in Silicon Valley. Titash got his Masters in IT from ICFAI Hyderabad, 2003.

  • Andrea Neufeld

    Andrea Neufeld

    Head of Operations

    Extensive work experience at the intersection of finance and technology, building strong relationships in both worlds for over a decade. Former Head of Global Client Operations at Flinks, Canada's Open Banking Data Aggregator. Previously was Senior Process Manager for Capital One in Toronto. Current Mentor for the Schulich School of Business's Six Sigma Program.

  • Maurício Mota

    Maurício Mota

    Head of Product

    Over a decade of experience architecting tech solutions and building products. Track record of delivering successful solutions to businesses and expertise in open finance services through his roles as an early employee at Flinks. As Head of Integrations and a Product Manager, he played a key role in establishing Flinks’ position as a leader in the field.

  • Mike Carmichael

    Mike Carmichael

    Advisory Board Member

    4th Generation Automotive dealer. Extensive experience with various Domestic and Import brands on the retail side. Over 20 years immersed in Auto Retail in Canada. He is the founder, president and Owner of UpAuto (2017), and was the President and Dealer Principal of City Buick Chevrolet Cadillac (2010), and the President of AutoPark (2013).

  • Paul Sims

    Paul Sims

    Advisory Board Member

    Serial entrepreneur, executive, angel investor, and board member w/20yrs. in tech businesses from idea to $100m in revenue. Early executive or co-founder of 3 market-leading auto marketplaces – AutoTrader.com, DealerMatch, and OVE.com. Executive and advisor to the world’s largest auto warranty companies – The Warranty Group, Portfolio, APCO, AUL. Raised $60m+ across multiple start-ups.